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Water Damage New Jersey

911 Restoration of New Jersey

Welcome to 911 Restoration of New Jersey. Ever since we opened our doors for business back in 1979 we have sworn to uphold the following core values: (1) always put the customer first without compromise, (2) offer a superior class of service that outperforms all competitors, and (3) practice the highest level of integrity, always. We offer the most strategic, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to the devastating disasters that grip communities throughout the great state of New Jersey. Our water damage New Jersey company ensures that every technician has received the appropriate education and licensing, and that they hold the right certifications to make them the best in the business. In addition, every technician is bonded by the state and insured.

What does 911 Restoration do?

Our water damage New Jersey company understands that there are a plethora of disaster scenarios that threaten homes and family safety, so we offer every restoration service in the book. Our technicians respond to more water damage emergencies than any other catastrophe, as water damage remains at the forefront of leading disasters to strike New Jersey residents. But you don’t have to look very far from the shores of water damage, as the need for mold removal almost always goes hand-in-hand with any chaotic event that unleashes excessive amounts of moisture into an indoor space. In addition sewage backup is responsible for creating black water emergencies that can cause debilitating water damage. Not only does sewage contain dangerous germs and bacteria, it can permeate into your floors and cause rot and other major concerns. 911 Restoration New Jersey is proud to offer an outstanding level of service in puff back cleanup in which skilled technicians carefully remove the black, oily grime from your walls, floors and furniture and repair the furnace malfunction leaving your home clean and pristine. Finally, our water damage restoration New Jersey company has trained and certified the best fire damage restoration technicians in the state of New Jersey. Fire not only causes acidic, charred surfaces in homes but it’s intense heat can also melt and congeal components in a home. Furthermore, the water damage caused by fire hoses, combined with the smoke damage and burned debris, make for one complex massive problem. But our 911 Restoration New Jersey crew can remediate even damage as extensive as this and return families to a home that looks showroom fresh.

What are the Main Causes for Water Damage?

It doesn’t take much to ignite a water damage problem. A minor problem in your roof can turn into a major disaster when heavy rain comes, and a seemingly mild pipe leak can turn into a fully-fledged burst. According to our 911 Restoration New Jersey water damage experts the following are the main causes for water damage in our immediate area:

  • Pipe bursts
  • Roof leaks
  • Storm damage
  • Water heater leaks
  • Fire sprinkler malfunctions
  • Sewage backup
  • Toilet overflows
  • Ruptured hoses

The key to keeping your home or business safe from water damage is to practice a routine safety inspection once a year. You can either do this yourself if you know what to look for, or you can hire a professional to check your plumbing and roof. Even hard water can cause water damage, as mineral deposits form pipe buildup that can eventually cause enough pressure to make the pipe burst!

Is Water Damage Restoration Expensive?

Our 911 Restoration New Jersey company understands that water damage emergencies happen when they are least expected and nobody ever budgets their bank account for water cleanup services. But the good news is that over 95 percent of our clients have insurance that covers most of, if not all of the repairs. However, we offer an affordable price to all our clients who have an out-of-pocket expense. Water damage restoration is something every household needs if a flood occurs, and money should never be the thing to prevent people from calling us. Our water damage New Jersey team offers a free inspection and a free quote up front, and we work with all the major insurance companies to ensure our clients get their claims filed correctly.

How Can I Find the Best Water Damage Company in New Jersey?

When looking for the best water damage restoration company in New Jersey, there are three primary things to consider: (1) the company’s history in the industry, (2) quality and customer service and (3) their commitment to their community. 911 Restoration has over 35 years of experience providing all the major restoration services to homes and businesses throughout the entire state. All of our water damage New Jersey technicians have the proper training, certifications and licensing to offer a level of quality in the water removal and restoration tasks we perform that rivals anything else offered in the state. 911 Restoration also puts the customer first, always and without compromise. When out water damage New Jersey team shows up at your door we begin treating you like family. We make sure you are on every page through every step of the process and that all your concerns are handled and met with expert care. Finally, we are passionate about our community. When we speed off to a fire damaged home, or a business that succumbed to flood damage, we wear a badge of honor that testifies to the pride of being able to help save and protect families and our local economy. Do not hesitate when you experience a water damage problem; call our team and we will be there in 45 minutes or less!

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