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Water Damage Edison

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Water damage encompasses a number of destructive scenarios in which water invades a structure and causes various degrees of carnage requiring immediate water damage restoration services from our water damage Edison company of 911 Restoration New Jersey. When standing water is present in your home it doesn’t take long for your hardwoods, concrete, drywall and other components to absorb the water and begin warping. This is why our water damage Edison technicians are available 24/7 to perform fast water extractions and apply the latest restoration techniques. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and this means we are masters at performing water removal and repairs from:

  • Pipe bursts and plumbing disasters
  • Roof leaks and ceiling leaks
  • Flooded basement and flooded crawlspace
  • Storm damage flooding
  • Cracked foundation and cracked slabs
  • Snow melt off running into the foundation
  • Appliance bursts and ruptured hoses

Our water damage Edison crew members understand that even small amounts of water stagnating in your home can cause disastrous effects. This is why 911 Restoration responds within 45 minutes of all calls so we can quickly reach the source of the water damage and restore your cabinets, floors, or walls in a timely manner to prevent expensive costs from amassing. Furthermore, our water damage Edison pros are all RIA and IICRC certified to handle all types of water damage problems, including the three types known as:

  • Category 1 – Known as “clean water”. Clean water poses no health risks to people and is void of any harmful bacteria. It can occur from a sink or bathtub overflow, a ruptured water line, or from fire sprinklers.
  • Category 2 – Known as “gray water”. Gray water contains moderate levels of bacteria and fungi that can make people ill. It can enter the home through a washing machine burst, ruptured appliance hoses, or through a garbage disposal.
  • Category 3 – Known as “black water”. Black water is the most dangerous type when coming into contact with people and very difficult to clean. It contains elevated amounts of bacteria and viruses and can make people extremely ill. It can contain feces and urine, and generally comes from sewage backup spills, intruding ground water, and septic tank leaks.

Any category of water is capable of warping your property and causing its re-sale value to drop. In addition, a pipe burst or a flooded basement can usher in water damage that may cause mold growth in your home, so call our water damage Edison restoration specialists right away and let us perform a free inspection and check for mold while initiating the best water cleanup services in New Jersey!

Can Water Damage Cause Mold Growth?

Water damage is the leading cause for mold growth in structures all over New Jersey, and this is why our water damage Edison techs are also certified to perform the most comprehensive mold removal services. Mold growth can form from water damage any time of the year. When your pipes freeze in the winter and cause a burst water can become embedded in between the cracks of your tiles, boards, or soak into your walls attracting outdoor spores. All too often our water damage Edison service providers will rush to a home and discover black mold under sinks where slow pipe leaks have occurred, or our sensitive mold testing equipment will pick up the presence of spores inside walls from internal water damage.  You can have a water damage problem that allows mold to breed, and not even know it. Some of the signs include:

  • Moldy odor wafting through the home
  • Elevated moisture in the rooms of your house
  • Books, furniture, and textiles feel slightly damp
  • Recent water damage problem that was not quickly addressed
  • Black or pink spots visible on surfaces

Our water damage Edison company offers fast same day service because we want to ensure all local homes and businesses are safe from developing a mold problem. Because mold can also make people really sick and it threatens some with health risks, we pride ourselves on reaching your home quickly and performing a thorough inspection. Whether you fear a potential mold problem brewing from a plumbing disaster like a shower malfunction, or even from a bad toilet overflow give us a call because our technicians can even perform water damage restoration from sewage backup!

Who can I Call for Sewage Water Damage Cleanup?

When you require sewage water damage cleanup you need to quickly phone our water damage Edison team because we have nearly four decades of sewage backup and cleanup experience. Water damage from a sewage disaster can happen when rain storms flood the sewer system causing pressure to rise and shoot a dirty geyser of sewage into your home through the toilet, or into your yard via the sewer main line. When you call our water damage Edison team to come start pumping water out of your property you can feel confident knowing that we have the most advanced training in the industry to ensure no cross-contamination on your property occurs, and we wear protective HAZMAT gear to protect ourselves from the threats that black water poses. Under no circumstances should you try cleaning sewage yourself; instead call our water damage Edison crew because we have:

  • Industrial strength sewage cleaning products powerful enough to kill all bacteria while gentle enough not to impact your hardwoods.
  • Licensed black water specialists who can make plumbing repairs.
  • The latest drying technology to remove all moisture.
  • Sewage water damage restoration pros ready to restore your home to a custom state as requested by the customer.

When you have sewage water standing in your basement or bathroom your home and entire family are at great risk; call our water damage Edison experts because we are certified to tackle any water damage problem, even one that surfaces from a house fire!

Who Can I Call for Fire Water Damage?

Fires are terrifying events that usher water damage through hoses used to combat the flames, and when you are left with ashy water requiring fire water damage extractions, call our water damage Edison company. We are proud to stand as the best company in all of New Jersey to offer fire damage restoration to homes and businesses in the greater Edison area. When you call 911 Restoration to restore your home after a fire you will benefit from our highly trained technicians who are masters at:

  • Charred surface restoration
  • Ashy water extractions
  • Soot removal
  • Odor removal
  • Gas and chemical spill cleanup
  • Smoke removal
  • Full structure restoration and re-design

Water damage restoration from burned homes is tedious work that can cost homeowners a great deal of money if the restoration company they hire takes their sweet time in performing the work. Our water damage Edison pros are extremely detailed and precise, but we work quickly to make the job low-cost for our beloved community members. Even if you require puff back cleanup to remove a layer of oily soot from your walls and furniture, 911 Restoration will work quickly to get the job done right the first time at an affordable price. When it comes to protecting your property and family from a fire, flood, or mold call our water damage Edison experts because you deserve the best water damage company in Edison no matter what!

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Edison?

Due to our history in the industry for performing the best quality work with the fastest turn-around time while offering an unheard of class of customer service, 911 Restoration is the best water damage company in Edison. When you call on us to initiate water damage repairs from plumbing problems, rain storms, sewage spills, or firefighting you will benefit from a water damage company that has:

  • Uniformed professionals in company marked trucks
  • A company that works with all insurance companies
  • An affordable price on all restoration services
  • American-based call centers that answer the phones immediately
  • Real-time communications with drivers on their way to your home
  • The latest equipment used for water damage repairs, mold testing and all other services
  • Customer service feedback forms with follow-up calls from the corporate office on every job
  • IICRC and RIA certified techs who are insured and bonded

Our water damage Edison company values each and every business and home in the county, and it brings is a great deal of pride to offer the most comprehensive water damage restoration services. We value professionalism and we always put the customer first, so phone us right away and we will restore your home to something even better than it was prior to the loss while treating you like family every step of the way!

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