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Water Damage Edison

Water Damage Edison Response Van911 Restoration New Jersey

The co-owners of 911 Restoration New Jersey, Adi and Michael believe in bringing the fresh start to everyone in their community. With harsh blizzards, and pipe burst, the water damage Edison team is constantly clawing forwards ready to deliver people the peace of mind they require.

“Everyone deserves someone by their side after experiencing a home incident that involves water. “The stuff can be pretty damaging from the damage done to sheetrock, and the probability of a mold infestation from occurring,” says Adi. And for that reason, their service is the most accessible in the industry.

  • With 24/7/365 availability, you get help night or day, so when a disaster occurs we will be at your side.
  • A 45-minute response time is an added bonus to the guaranteed same-day service, so future problems are prevented from happening.

The fresh start is what you get when you call us. That is the principle in which the company was founded on. “Homeowners have worked hard for all that they have, and that should not be washed away just because of some unpreventable disaster,” explains Michael.

For the second chance to a tomorrow that is free of all water damage, then give us a call at (201) 241-3113.

Water Damage Restoration

More often than not, homeowners are curious as to why they need to call a restoration company as opposed to just some general contractors. Well, the reason why New Jersey residents should call is that we are IICRC certified, therefore, you get a level of service that cannot be beat.

911 Restoration New Jersey technicians are trained in all forms of disaster restoration because in one way or another, they all involve water. Thus, having a team by your side that knows how to accomplish any type of job correctly, the first time, saves you tons of money.

Furthermore, the water damage Edison team is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust in the free water damage estimate that you are entitled too.

Disaster Restoration911 Restoration New Jersey Water Damage Restoration

Disaster restoration, as stated above, comes in varying forms. It can include roof repair, or fire restoration. After the jump we will elaborate more on each of our specific services, but for now this is about why we are equipped to do almost any job.

Our team is EPA Lead Safe Certified, which makes us more than qualified to safely remove and dispose of water in homes built with lead in them. Furthermore, the disaster restoration training we received from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification means your home is in good hands when we walk through your door.

The second chance you need that leaves your home as pristine as the day you moved in is just a phone call away, so contact us for utter peace of mind.

Sewage Backup

The sewage backup New Jersey team at 911 Restoration takes all the training and certification they have undergone, and they combine it to form a blend of restoration that is effective for any type of water restoration.

Now, when raw sewage swamps your space it is considered a category 3 situation. When this occurs then never attempt do it yourself restoration. Instead, call the experts here. We arrive with every tool at our disposal to safely extract the waste. Trust in us to safely dispose of it because the safety of your home, community, and environment is our top priority.

We are trained in the use of sanitizing chemicals that eliminate bacteria and mold spores. There will neither be signs of stains or odors, so your peace of mind is secure.

Fire Damage Repair

When a fire occurs plenty of smoke and ash can be generated. Now most of the time homeowners are well prepared with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, so the fire is extinguished quickly. But, even then, there is still plenty of damage left over as a result of smoke, odor, and soot.

The materials deposit themselves deep into the porous material and hidden pathways such as vents. Therefore, one of the biggest headaches is not burnt material, but odors instead. 911 Restoration New Jersey and the fire damage restoration team know how to fix things up, so it will be like the accident never happened.

Mold Removal911 Restoration New Jersey Mobilizing Air Filters

Mold decontamination is a precarious situation, which needs the up most delicate care. Removing the space of mold is a process that the expert mold removal New Jersey team is capable of. The first step of removal is quarantine barrier. We line the space with antibacterial plastic, and set up an inflow and outflow of air using HVAC systems with carbon filters. It is imperative that mold does not spread during removal, as it only takes one spore to form a new colony. This guarantees the air to the rest of the home is mold free.

Afterward, we restore, or replace, all the material, so that the structural integrity of your home is sound afterwards. We do everything we can to provide you with the fresh start you deserve. For the best services around, and a team that can get you your life back quickly, call us.

911 Restoration New Jersey is only a phone call away.

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