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Water Damage Avenel, NJ

You probably have enough stress in your life juggling work and family to come home to face a pipe burst flooding your parlor, but fear not because our water damage Avenel, NJ company has been in business since 1978 rescuing homes and businesses from the perils of flood damage. We are licensed, insured and bonded to handle any water cleanup job big or small, so call us today before the water soaks down through your carpets and into your subflooring. Our water damage Avenel, NJ technicians love living and working in this special community. Avenel has a tie to the construction industry, as it was the original location of Bradco Supply—a leader in the building industry. While we work around the clock to restore water damaged homes from rain leaks storms, the local history of Avenel rests on our minds enforcing our passion to keep the homes and buildings safe and in pristine condition. If your sump pumps are on the fritz and you have a flooded crawl space, or your fire sprinklers at work went off in the middle of the night, call our water damage Avenel, NJ team and we will be there in a flash with our same day service to perform the best water extractions service in town!

What Causes a Pipe Burst?

A pipe burst is caused by a number of things that include freezing weather, hard water and faulty plumbing and our water damage Avenel, NJ crew responds to them all! When the winter months set in your pipes can freeze if they are not properly insulated. When pipes freeze sheets of ice form inside and cause pressure to shoot up the plumbing and cause a pipe burst. Make sure your pipes run in areas of the home that are insulated where no cold air exchange can pass through. Our water damage Avenel, NJ techs also warn that sewage problems can also cause a pipe burst. When heavy-duty materials like diapers or paper towels are flushed down the toilet they can clog pipes and cause a toilet overflow or nasty sewage backup problem that can result in a pipe burst. If you ever experience any kind of sewage spills be sure to call our sewage backup professionals so we can initiate our black water extractions before any other parts of the home become contaminated. Finally, our water damage Aneval, NJ unit reports that hard water can cause a pipe to burst. Although it is not harmful to humans who drink it, hard water contains minerals that can calcify in your pipes causing a nasty clog. If you spot white marks on your shower head or on your glasses that come out of the dishwasher, you likely have hard water. You can buy a testing kit and a water softener treatment at any major hardware store.

How can I Prevent Water Damage?

According to our water damage Aneval, NJ team, the best way you can prevent water damage is to become educated in its causes and take preventative steps towards stopping it. If you live near a body of water or on a slope you should sandbag your property to prevent flood water from entering your foundation. You should also install some sump pumps in your crawl space and in your basement so they can begin pumping water away from the home if a flood strikes. Also, make sure your gutters are cleaned out and your downspouts are turned away from the home.

For non-weather related methods of protection, our water damage Avenal, NJ team advises homeowners to check the condition of their water heater to ensure no crack are forming. You should also be on the lookout for a potential ruptured hoses disaster by checking all of your appliances. If the hoses are starting to crack or you see moisture on them, you may need to call a plumber to inspect the matter.

What is the Best Local water damage Restoration Company?

911 Restoration is the best local water damage restoration company because since 1987 our water damage Avenal, NJ technicians have offered a class of service next to none. We value professionalism and respond within 45 minutes of every call. In addition, because we always put the customer first, we are available 24/7. Working with all insurance companies is just another way we stand up for our clients by helping them file their claims, so call our water damage Avenel technicians to get an affordable price by the only company with over 35 years of experience!
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