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Water Damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Nobody ever wants to put up with water damage, but between the stormy weather that strikes Atlantic Highlands and the number of plumbing problems that engulf local homes and businesses, such disasters happen more often than we would like to think. The residents of Atlantic Highlands are privileged to live in such a gorgeous part of the state where the entire town overlooks the Atlantic Ocean offering stunning panoramic views. As such 911 Restoration New Jersey is dedicated to keep the residents safe from water damage by employing a certified crew of water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ specialists who are available 24/7 to handle anything from storm damage to a pipe burst. If you have standing water in your home you must call our water damage restoration company immediately so that our elite staff of water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ technicians can respond within 45 minutes of your call and begin water removal tactics!

How can I Prevent a Storm from Flooding my Home?

Just ask our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ crew how to prevent a storm from flooding your home and you will be advised to take preventative measures like boarding up your windows. Storms can blow debris into windows, causing the glass to shatter and spray water in to saturate your walls and carpets. By nailing up some plywood you can prevent such an occurrence from happening. If you live at the base of a hill you run the risk of rain water sending floods into your crawl space. By sandbagging your property you can help prevent the water from causing damage. Also, be sure your gutters are cleaned out and your downspouts are turned away from the home; otherwise water will pool on your roof having nowhere to go and will run down the sides into your foundation. You should also invest in sump pumps for your crawl space and basement—pumping water away from your home is easy where you have these devices and some kinds can be purchased for under $200.00. If hard rain causes leaks to form in your roof call our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ team and let us perform water cleanup services before things get worse!

How can I tell if my Plumbing is in Good Condition?

When our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ pros come over we can show you how to tell if your plumbing is in good condition—if there are no leaks, bulges, cracks or internal buildup, your plumbing is in good condition. We can walk you through on how to inspect your pipes, but when it comes to internal matters it is best to let our 911 Restoration Atlantic Highlands company step in. When hard water runs through your pipes mineral deposits can build up and cause everything form a pipe burst to a toilet overflow due to pressure building from the blockage. If you experience a toilet overflow you need to call our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ team of sewage backup specialists trained to make any plumbing repair and perform black water cleanup on the spot! We are licensed, insured and bonded to offer all the major restoration services whether they directly relate to water damage or not, so call us for a free inspection!

Why Choose 911 Restoration?

You should choose 911 Restoration because our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ techs have more advanced training and offer better customer service than any other company in the state! We have over 35 years of experience offering same day service at an exceptional level of service that triumphs all. After you experience a washer burst or ruptured hoses, our water damage Atlantic Highlands, NJ company will send a mold removal specialist to check your drywall for any toxic fungus and perform any mold decontamination tactics required, as mold and water damage go hand-in-hand. We pride ourselves on granting an affordable price, and working with all insurance companies is something we do to make the claim process as easy for you as possible. We value professionalism, so know that when we arrive we will show great care to your personal items and use the latest drying technology to restore your home to its original condition.  Your home is your castle, and when you call us we can help you keep it that way!


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One time my living room was flooded for no apparent reason, I called 911 Restoration and they arrived in 30 minutes after my call. They were very efficient and professional. Thanks!

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