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Water Damage Matawan

Water damage sneaks into the homes of many unsuspecting victims and causes massive amounts of loss before it is ever discovered. When people find water damage they call 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey and our water damage Matawan crew for help in an emergency. Matawan, New Jersey is a bedroom community that caters to people working in New York City. Matawan is probably best known for the 1916 shark attacks that took place there and on several other spots on the Jersey Shore. The Matawan shark attacks went on to inspire the book and movie Jaws. Water damage is a lot like a shark attack, it can strike when you least expect it and feel like the death of your home. Our water damage Matawan team is like Captain Quint from Jaws; they have faced the enemy of water damage before and we know how to defeat it. We are licensed, insured, and bonded in water restoration services, we value professionalism, and we always put the customer first. Call our water damage Matawan crew when your house floods or when a washer bursts for an immediate free inspection.

What Should I Do When My Washer Bursts?

The first thing you should do when you have a washer burst is turn off the water main, and then you should call our water damage Matawan team. In most homes, there is a valve or lever that will switch off the water going to your house. Turn the valve until it is in the off position. If you aren’t sure where your water shut off valve is located, or feel it isn’t safe to turn off the water, wait for our water damage Matawan professionals. After you have shut off the water, shut down the electrical power. Electricity and water do not mix, and, during a flood, the two can often prove to be a lethal combination. If you look on your electrical panel, sometimes called a breaker box, you will see a breaker labeled main. Turn the breaker to the “Off” position. There is no need to mop up water or ruin your towels trying to dry up water spilled from your washing machine. Our water damage Matawan uses the latest drying technology and industry approved water removal techniques to extract water from your floors and walls. 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey specializes in restoration services. We will take your home and breathe new life into it. The goal of our water damage Matawan team is to give you and your family a fresh start when a washer bursts, when storms blow water into your home, or when your plumbing leaks and water threatens your wood floors. 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey handles all types of water damage emergencies.

What Damage Emergencies Are Covered By Insurance?

Most types of water damage emergencies are covered by insurance, depending on the insurance company and insurance policy, and our water damage Matawan experts can tell you what is and isn’t covered by your policy. Generally speaking most types of water damage and accompanying water damage restoration are covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy.

Typically covered by insurance:

  • Pipe burst
  • Water damage caused by ruptured hoses or other appliances
  • Water damage from sewage and toilet overflows
  • Water damage from storms and wind driven rains

These are just general guidelines. For specifics, you should contact your insurance company and our own insurance experts. We specialize in working with all insurance companies to get your water extractions covered. If you do have to pay out of pocket you can rest assured that our clean up services are set at an affordable price. Price and dedication to our customers make 911 Restoration the best choice for water damage restoration in Matawan.

What is The Best Restoration Service in Matawan?

911 Restoration and out water damage Matawan crew are hands down the best restoration service in the city. We elevate restoration to more than just a service. We believe it is our calling to give every customer a fresh start on life. We have over 35 years of experience and we hold all of our technicians to the highest standards of excellent available. Our cleanup  crews are available 24/7 and offers same day service for anyone in need. This dedication to our customers is what separates us from the competition and the reason our testimonials ring out with praise. Call 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey today and experience the difference a fresh start can make.

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