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What Is the New InjectiDry System?

Published by SEO on December 28, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Hardwood flooring drying processWater damage in homes is often very severe before the homeowners even realize that it is happening. Water leaks underneath the floors can take some time to make themselves obvious but are silently causing damage all the while. The water can cause mold, ruin your home’s foundation, and cause rotting in your hardwood floors. Burst pipes and rainstorms can mean the need for water damage restoration, storm repair, roof repair, water extraction, and much more. 

Most people would say that if you have hardwood flooring in your home and it is subjected to water damage, you have no choice but to remove and entirely replace the flooring. This is a huge task, and a very expensive one, costing homeowners and insurance companies thousands of dollars. However, with the new InjectiDry system, you can simply dry out your original wood flooring and save yourself a lot of trouble. 

Types of Water Damage in Wood Floors

There are four main kinds of damage usually seen in wooden flooring. This first is when there is water spilled on the surface of the floor or leakage under the flooring, which causes water to become trapped between the flooring and the subfloor. Without any way to escape or dry up, the still water can cause mold and fungus to form. Next, we have cupping. Cupping is when the top surface of the floor dries out, but the bottom of the flooring, which is in contact with the subfloor, remains wet. The third is when there is water trapped under the surface of the flooring, but the flooring is flattened without waiting for that water to dry out. This causes the flooring to lose its proper shape, and the wooden slats can become uneven or swollen. Lastly, we have crowing. This is when the bottom part of the flooring, which is in contact with the subfloor, does eventually dry out but causes the floorboards to lose their shape and create a crowing effect. 

What is the InjectiDry System?

So then, how do you avoid cupping and crowing? The answer is InjectiDry. Let’s see what exactly the InjectiDry floor drying system is. InjectiDry is a company that manufactures and distributes floor drying equipment worldwide. They provide the highest quality equipment to ensure that any water on or under your wooden floors is efficiently and entirely dried out so that you do not have to rip the floors out and replace them. 

The InjectiDry system consists of a vacuum-like machine with AIR IN and OUT hoses and multiple Panel Paks that can be applied to hardwood floor surfaces as well as ceilings. There are also additional Vac-It panels, manifolds, and active hoses to help the system work to its fullest capabilities. Depending on the size of your room, you may want more or less panels. 

How Does the InjectiDry Floor Drying System Work?

The InjecitDry panel paks have multiple black panels to be placed over the water-damaged wood floor evenly spaced out. The panels are then airtight sealed around the edges. Next, the yellow AIR IN and OUT hoses are connected to the ports in the panels. The other ends of the hoses are all connected to the main suction line. This suction line is connected to the InjectiDry vacuum machine. Once turned on, the machine creates a suction underneath all of the black panels that allows air to move between the floorboards and the subfloor. This way, all of the moisture is dried up and sucked out. 

Additionally, dehumidifiers should also be placed around the room to speed up the process of getting rid of all the moisture leftover from the water damage. A quick response time is absolutely essential if you want to be able to salvage your wooden floors after they’ve become flooded or soaked. It would be good to get in touch with a restoration service that uses the InjectiDry system for drying out hardwood floors since the system is not readily available for consumers to buy and is usually sold to service-providing companies. 

Our Final Thoughts 

It would probably be a good idea to take preventative measures to ensure that your hardwood floors do not sustain any water damage. One way to do this is to regularly check your pipes and ensure they are not cracked or leaking. Sometimes, a leak can go unnoticed for a long time and cause water to accumulate on your subfloor without you even realizing that it is there. 

Next, you should properly seal your flooring during the installation process. This can be done using a polyurethane solution or some other sealant. Installing a moisture barrier layer between your subfloor and hardwood flooring would also be ideal. 

If you need restoration services after suffering from water damages, get in touch with 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey today! Our expert staff is specially trained to handle water damage restoration. We provide all kinds of services, from boarding up and storm repair to roof repair and water extraction. We also use the professional InjectiDry floor drying system to help you salvage your hardwood flooring without having to remove or replace it. 

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