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Water Damage New Jersey: What to do when Your Mobile Phone gets Wet

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on June 26, 2014 in category: Current Event

It fell in the toilet. I dropped it in the hot tub while reaching for a margarita. The absent-minded waitress spilled coffee all over it. If you don’t have your mobile phone with you, chances are you feel makes and will drop everything to run home and get it. Now just imagine the terror of discovering your phone has been submerged in water or saturated with coffee! You can call a water damage New Jersey company when a pipe burst floods your basement or a rain storm saturates your roof, but when your Galaxy S4 falls into a simmering pot of Minestrone soup, you can’t rely on water damage restoration services to restore your device to its original condition. You could go to the mobile service provider’s store and get help, but by the time you would get there, take a ticket, wait, and get called to the service desk your phone will likely he as useful as a paperweight. However, there are a few things you can do on your own immediately that may save your phone from being sent to the mobile graveyard!

Towel Dry Your Phone

This seems like an obvious solution, but all too often people will try blow drying their phone or they will put it in the oven. The intense heat can damage the sensitive components. Instead you will want to remove the battery as quickly as possible to prevent a short. Don’t even bother powering the device down. If you have an iPhone and are unable to remove the battery then power the device off right away. Just ask a water damage New Jersey company if any of their technicians have dropped a phone in water, and they will likely confirm that it happens, and tell you to towel-dry the device as thoroughly as possible. Do not allow water to settle into any ports and if water has already gone into those areas, try blowing it out with compressed air while being careful not to blow it back in deeper.

People drop their mobile phones in toilets, hot tubs and in other watery locales more often than not. Remember, if your water heater bursts and sprays your garage you will need a properly functioning phone to call for emergency water damage New Jersey services!

Rice, Rice Baby!

Some people swear to dropping the phone in a bag of dry rice and letting it sit for 24 hours. This is a method that can be done in a pinch and is cheap, but it comes with some negative side effects. If the rice absorbs the water you could wake up in the morning to find a stick phone covered in mushed rice. Also, there is the risk that the extracted starch from the rice can get into the phone’s sensitive ports. If you are going to try this method wipe the phone down with a towel before dropping it in the rice!

What to do When a Laptop Gets Wet

If you spill water on your laptop unplug it immediately and power it off by holding down the button. Take a microfiber towel and dry it as thoroughly as possible, and then prop it upside down. Remove the battery and towel dry it. You can try putting the battery in a tray of dried rice but keep an eye on it—if the rice absorbs too much water and begins to get gooey remove the battery and continue drying it a microfiber cloth, or at this stage a paper towel.

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