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Water Damage New Jersey: Verrückt and Water Damage Insanity

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on July 1, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Water damage is insane; the mere sight of it rotting your sub floor and drywall can be enough to send you into a screaming fit as you frantically dial a water damage New Jersey company to come to the rescue. But there is another side of water damage that may make you scream out of both fear and excitement, and it is the world’s tallest, fastest water slide at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City known as Verückt—German for insane. It takes brave riders 264 steps to climb all the way to the top of the 17 story structure that plummets riders down a 60 degree angled slide at speeds up to 70 MPH. Clearly this attraction is for extreme thrill-seekers, but did you know that household water damage and this monster waterslide have a few things in common? Just ask a water damage New Jersey specialist and he will be able to explain in full detail that when performing water damage restoration services there are some pretty frightening similarities with the frightening thrill ride.

Water Damage and Speed

It takes riders a matter of seconds to reach the ground after speeding down Verückt’s madness, and like this crazy thrill slide, household water damage can happen very suddenly. All it takes is a pipe burst to occur deep within your walls, under your floors or in your basement and you may be swimming in your own private water park in a matter of seconds! But there are other “choice German phrases” you would likely shout upon such a discovery that differ from those who chant the name Verückt in high praise!
When a pipe bursts you had best shut off the main water line right away to prevent excess water from flooding your home. Plumbing systems are pressurized and a gallon of water can spray our in less than 10 seconds if the conditions are right!

What’s the Damage?

In case you haven’t guessed, water damage repairs can be really expensive. There are millions of dollars in water damage restoration every year, and having invested 750 million into their facilities, Schlitterbahn’s “spills the thrills” pretty much measure financially to the amount of national water-related scares that strike homes and businesses in the United States on a yearly basis.
Take your pick; you can dip into a750 million dollar water slide park and have fun screaming your head off going down the Verückt, or you can dip into the 750 million dollar national expense pot of storm and plumbing disasters that drench homes every year. By ensuring your plumbing is in good order and my taking precautions during storms, you can save that repair money to go visit Schlitterbahn and gnaw on a bratwurst while speeding down the dreaded Verückt!


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