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Water Damage New Jersey: Are You Really Prepared for Storms?

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on August 11, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Rain storms are certainly more common in New Jersey and around the Eastern region of the country than compared to other locales, But how prepared are you in protecting your home from the next big rain storm? Last year the top water damage New Jersey company reported that most water damage and mold issues resulted from storm damage that could have been easily avoided. Most homeowners think that unless a big hurricane of Biblical proportions is about to bare down on them, there is no need to take preventative measures. But when water damage New Jersey teams speed out to offer water damage restoration services almost all weather-related household flooding disasters occur from standard to heavy rain not outside of the ordinary weather patterns. By learning some of the common oversights made by homeowners you can better prepare to safeguard your home from rain damage.

It’s just Rain….Right?

It may be just rain, but if everything is not squared away with your home or place of business, rain damage can turn a structure into a swimming pool or den of mold. For example, post office had to close its door due to rain-related water damage because it posed a health concern. When concrete, wood, drywall and other porous materials absorb water, mold can begin growing in hours and pose health risks to anyone living or working within. Any water damage New Jersey technicians will warn customers that weather-proofing your home is key to maintaining a healthy, stable home.

Let’s go Outside

When taking steps to protect your home from rain storms start by performing an outdoor inspection of your property. Check your rook for any missing or damaged shingles or signs of bulging. If these red flags stand out call a professional roofer to come perform a more detailed, thorough inspection. Your roof is a major structural element and if it takes on water damage it can pose some dangerous and costly problems.

Be sure to keep your gutters cleaned out. When debris gathers in them water will pool on the roof as it will have no place to drain. When this happens it can settle in between shingles and get into vulnerable gaps or run down the side of your home into the foundation. You should also point the downspouts away from the home making sure all draining water runs at least a foot from the foundation.

If the ground slopes towards the foundation, get a landscape technician to elevate the ground to avoid any future water running into your crawl space or foundation. If you live in an area that is particularly at risk for flooding any water damage New Jersey pro will advise you to install sump pumps in your crawl space and basement.

Interior Checklist

When inspecting the inside of your home examine the walls and ceiling for any discoloration or stains. If there is a slow leak from rain or plumbing issues, the tell-tale signs will eventually reveal themselves. To prevent water damage disasters in general that are not a direct result of bad weather be sure to check your faucets, drains and showerheads for leaks and make sure all water drains correctly. Also, check your appliances and their hoses, as ruptured hoses cause thousands of homes to flood across the country every year. Finally, take care of your plumbing. Don’t flush inappropriate things down the toilet, and check your pipes for rust and leaks once a year. Performing routine maintenance inspections can prevent your home from becoming a local pond

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