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Water Damage New Jersey Pondering: Is Your Drain Worthy of Igraine?

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on May 16, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


The best water damage New Jersey company loves a good legend from English lore; especially is it relates to pipe bursts or drains. If you are an Anglophile and know every detail of Arthurian legend, you will likely recall that Igraine was the mother of King Arthur—the metaphor for England as a fallen and then reborn kingdom of prosperity and wealth. Clearly, only the highest caliber of lady could birth he who held Excalibur, and when it comes to protecting your basement and crawl space from water damage, only the best drains can justify a heroic stance against flood damage. If you do fall prey to the “black knight of flood water chaos” ravishing your concrete floor and walls, call a professional water damage restoration company to perform water extractions and restore any damage that has been inflicted. In the meantime, you can put up a gallant fight against crawl space and basement flooding by knowing your drain options and which types would serve as your “Igraine of the drains”.

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench that houses a perforated pipe that redirects groundwater and surface water away from your crawl space and basement floor. Also known as “weeping tile” this system typically has hollow pipes located at the bottom to rapidly vent any water that seeps up through the gravel. This was the most popular method of drainage systems in the 1950s and they are still used even today. However, if you truly want a drain worthy of Igraine you may want a modernized version that replaces gravel with non-organic engineered materials that are mold resistant. This solution is more costly, however if you are in an area that is prone to regular flooding, you may want to opt for the engineered materials to prevent mold growth. If you already have a gravel, rock or wood system in place and you detect a musty odor, you may want to call a professional water damage company and ask for a free mold inspection to ensure your home or business is safe from other potential disasters.

Will Sump Pumps Prevent Water Damage?

Your local water damage New Jersey experts will say that in most cases sump pumps will prevent water damage in your crawl space or basement so long as the flooding isn’t extreme. Sump pumps are used to extract water that has accumulated in a sump basin designed for collecting water. In most cases the water enters perimeter drains of a waterproof basement system where it is funneled out to the ground. If your home came with a sump pump you will want to have a professional check to see where the water lines are connected—as some of them tend to be connected to the sewer system.

If you truly want a complete unit set to drain at a standard so ethereal that you would swear Igraine birthed it from the celestial heavens above, you may want to consult a pro over a hybrid system that incorporated a non-organic French drain with a sump pump installation for any extreme emergency such as a nasty rain storm or a burst main line. After all, Igraine brought forth the legendary King Arthur who wielded Excalibur, so it only makes sense to arm your home with a drain system fit for the Lords of Camelot!

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