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Water Damage New Jersey: Planning Your World Cup Party

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on June 13, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Ah football, or soccer as we Americans call it. The World Cup is a great time to embrace national pride and watch the best footballers in the world compete for the highest honor in the sport. Whether you are cheering for America, or routing for the country you were born in, you will likely host a big World Cup party, and, believe it or not, but this time of year sees an increase in the need for water damage restoration services because your plumbing can take a beating, and there are over 100 scenarios that can go wrong in which a household flood occurs. This article will examine some ideas you can incorporate to hosting the best World Cup party ever, while also touching on some safety steps for avoiding damage to your home and having to call a water damage New Jersey provider to come clean up the mess.

World Cup Party Safety

The last thing you need if to call for a professional water damage company to come perform water extractions because your buddy got drunk and thought it would be funny to leave the tub on all day. Perhaps another friend had a few too many beers from Lost Abbey and decided to flush your buddy’s Argentina flag down the toilet that caused a pipe leak and a nasty toilet overflow. You should designate one bathroom in the house for guests to use, and periodically inspect the room to make sure there was no running water left on and that the toilet is in perfect working condition. When flags are flushed down the toilet not only is it a disgrace to that nation, but pressure can amass in your pipes and cause a rupture followed by a returning water problem. In some cases even a category 3 sewage spill can evolve and really put a damper on your World Cup fever! Clearly you will require a water damage New Jersey team to come out and remediate the situation during half time. Just gauge your bathroom the way you hope your goalkeeper defends the net!

What Kind of Beer Should I Serve at my World Cup Party?

Let’s face it; beer should be the star of your party. As a good host you will want to have some group favorites available, but to really make things interesting offer some select brews from the country of the teams your friends support. For example, if your buddy loves team England you may want to include some Old Speckled Hen and some Newcastle Ale. If another friend supports Argentina surprise him with an Antares IPA and a La Loggia stout! Because Brazil is the host country, you could have some Wals Trippel or some Baden Baden red ale chilling on ice.

And for all of the rest cheering for the home team, put together a nice selection of craft beers that include IPAs, pale ales, porters, stouts and perhaps a sour just to make things exciting! The FIFA 2014 World Cup only happens once every four years. Make your party a huge success by serving the right beer while protecting your home from the potential for incurring a corner kick to the face from water damage.

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