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Water Damage New Jersey: Inspecting Your Crawl Space

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on July 14, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


When a bad storm pounds the home with rain, or a plumbing issue causes various floods throughout the home, most people fail to check the crawl space for damage whether doing it themselves or calling in a professional. But your crawl space is a vital part to your home and should never be neglected. Just ask the best water damage New Jersey company how to check a crawl space and they will recommend a professional does this due to the many hazards this area of the home can cause to the person who enters it. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, here are some things to look out for and some safety tips that should be followed.

Watch for Pests

Your crawl space, especially if it has a dirt floor, provides an ideal environment for pests that can cause bodily harm to people. And what makes this even more dangerous is that it takes a person longer to retreat from this space because they can’t turn around and run; instead they must back out the way they came in. Certain species of bees and hornets will build their nests under your crawl space, and if they are disturbed they can attack. You should wear heavy duty protective clothing to serve as a barrier against any stings, and carry some fireless smoke flares, as smoke will generally keep stinging insects at bay.  Wearing heavy clothing and thick boots and gloves can also protect you against snake, ant and spider bites. Also, check for signs of termites. These little pests will build mud tubes that serve as their homes and are typically found on foundation walls and wood beams. Carpenter ants will also be obvious to spot and both can cause structural damage to the house. Just be cognizant of an escape rout in the event you need to evacuate quickly!

Look Out for Mold

When you call the professionals to perform water damage restoration services one of the tasks they will likely perform is a mold inspection, as mold thrives in moist areas of the home. Mold can quickly grow in your crawl space and pose two major threats—health concerns to people and wood decay to the house. When the mold spores are already in your crawl space they have the potential to move up into the home and grow on your floors spreading up to the walls. Mold exposure has been known to cause people to develop asthma, respiratory problems, lung disease and in some cases death has occurred. If you see mold in your crawl space you will need to call a water damage New Jersey company to come perform a free mold inspection and rid the home of all toxic mold spores.

Wear a Mask

When entering your crawl space, wear a mask. In addition to mold spores entering your lungs you may come across hantavirus—a pathogen carried by rodents found in their feces that causes headaches, fever, difficulty breathing and even death. A mask will also protect you against asbestos insulation that may be down there and get stirred up while you are crawling around on your elbows. Standing water and sewage may also be present, and a mask will act as a good protective barrier to keep your lungs safe from breathing in any dangerous elements!


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