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Water Damage New Jersey: Don’t Let Water Damage Wreck Your Deck

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on April 16, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is responsible for causing millions of dollars in home damage every single year. Whether you experience a roof leak, a pipe burst deep within your walls or your washing machine hoses rupture, unwanted water can annihilate your hardwoods, damage concrete and rot your carpets. There is a lot of information online educating homeowners on what to do when disasters like these happen. But what about exterior damage to the home? Decks and patios are the cornerstones of American family life—we celebrate birthdays, retirements, New Year’s, 4th of July and Anniversaries on them surrounded by the time-honored grill with friends and family. When bad weather sends harsh rain storms or floods, decks can be damages. Not only is the deck a family-favorite spot; it also adds value to your home. If you experience a bad storm and your deck has been destroyed with flood water, mud and rock call a certified water damage restoration company to come inspect the carnage. When most decks get severely damaged there is usually flooding in your crawl space. If not treated, your home’s foundation can shift and a collapse isn’t out of the question. Let the professionals restore your deck and also inspect the rest of your home for signs of danger.

What Should I do After a Storm Strikes my Deck?

In some cases (depending on the age, type and condition of the wood) homeowners can restore their own decks if the damage is minimal and has not deeply penetrated the wood. However, if the deck is not drying properly and moisture is still present, it is always wise to call a mold removal specialist to ensure that deadly black mold will not grow and populate on your decking materials.

The first thing you will want to do is remove all the debris, mud and rocks from the deck. Be sure to give it a good sweep to remove any remaining dirt. Then find a safe cleaning solution from your local home improvement store and mix it with the right amount of water in a pump sprayer so it can be evenly dispersed across the deck surface.

Once the cleaning solution begins to foam up, start scrubbing the deck using a stiff-bristle deck scrub brush. These are the best brushes for removing any components or chemicals like oil or grease that may have washed onto your deck in the storm. After the deck has been scrubbed use a garden hose to rinse it off or rent a power washer. Power washers can be rented for about $50.00 per day and most range from a strength of 1500 to 3000 PSI. If your deck is older and not in the greatest shape (like wood chipping and flaking) you may not want to use a full 3000 PSI strength model. Instead opt for 2000 PSI—this level will be strong enough to remove dirt without stripping away any wood.

Protect Your Deck

After your deck has been swept, scrubbed and power washed you will want to use a clear or tinted protectant available at home improvement and hardware stores. These products help repel water, prevent wind damage and help to restore the wood’s integrity. Some all weather deck sealers have warranties of 10 years and greater, so be sure to find one that will stand against the test of time!

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