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Water Damage New Jersey: Don’t Get Hosed by Your Insurance Company

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on May 2, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Ask any water damage New Jersey company and its crew will remind you that all the investments you are likely to make in life, the purchase of your home will probably be the biggest one. And as such, you want to do everything you can to protect it from harm. Any water damage New Jersey team will remind homeowners that severe weather, especially hurricanes, storms and cold freezes are on the rise. As a result, more homes are suffering from various forms of water damage than ever before. You have insurance for a reason, but does your policy truly protect you in the event of a bad flood like the one that devastated the Florida panhandle in April, 2014? According to ABC News your insurance company likely doesn’t cover water damage caused directly by floods. The news source reports that the majority of policies do not cover water damage from floods because “the numbers don’t add up”, and let’s face it, the insurance companies only have one goal: to make money. That said, you may want to go through your policy with a fine-tooth comb and see what kind of coverage you have in the event of a storm. If you discover in fact that the coverage is non-existent or less than satisfactory, go meet with a broker and help him find you a policy more akin to your family’s needs.

What are the most Common Types of Insurance Water Damage Coverage?

Most policies cover tornado, hail and wind damage, but not harm caused by direct flooding. For example, if a tornado blows a cow into your roof causing a large hole and torrential rain floods in, your policy would likely cover the water damage restoration bill because it was the strong winds from the tornado that created a large hole in an otherwise structurally sound roof to a home that was dry. The best water damage New Jersey professionals remind homeowners to be sure to read the fine print very carefully because coverage including limits of liability and exclusions will vary greatly from one insurance company to the next. It would be advantageous to call a local water damage New Jersey company that is licensed, insured and bonded in the state and ask them what types of policies they are used to dealing with that see the best coverage in water damage disasters. The best ones work with all the major insurance companies and have trained representatives who are fluent in the realm of insurance policies and they will be able to give you the best advice.

Will my Insurance Cover Pipe Bursts or Sewage Overflows?

Most major insurance companies cover water damage that occurs from internal malfunctions, but it is almost always through  an added coverage to the plan with certain stipulations. For example, one company may cover a pipe burst disaster but only if the homeowner has his pipes inspected yearly and it may disregard pipe freeze in the coverage, while another company may require the homeowner to replace outdated parts and slap him with a huge deductible. By calling a professional sewage backup company and speaking to someone who deals with insurance claims on a regular basis, you can get some insight into what to look out for, and then arm yourself with that information when you go see a broker regarding any possible policy change.

Do Not Leave Your Home to Chance

Would you put the deed to your home on the blackjack table in Vegas? Of course not, so don’t just assume you have the right coverage and leave things to chance. Water damage disasters are on the rise, and it would be wise to know what kind of coverage you have and what you need in order to best protect your home and family from Mother Nature’s rage. Have a conversation with a local water damage company and a broker, and don’t let your insurance company hose you over any longer.


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