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Water Damage New Jersey: It’s not the X-Men but the Iceman Cometh

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on May 26, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


If you are a fan of Marvel Comics or superhero films, you have undoubtedly seen the newest X-Men movie and “marveled” at the way various mutants can use nature’s elements to fight evil. But any water damage New Jersey company will tell you that in the real world the roles are reversed because Iceman comes in the form of a villain that causes pipes to freeze in the winter time, and though we are in the summer months, now is the perfect time to perform some routine maintenance to prevent ice from causing extensive water damage in the months to come and create a need for expensive plumbing repairs.

Say No to Insulation Negation

The Iceman typically strikes New Jersey residents in December and January, but you can fortify your pipes against his freeze assault by ensuring your pipes are properly insulated so that cold air transfer can’t cause the water inside to freeze up and create a wall of ice. When this happens pressure can build and cause a burst in another area of the plumbing. When an incident like this happens it is vital to call a New Jersey water damage restoration company to not only repair the pipe, but also perform the necessary water removal tactics to keep your home in good order.

Don’t Get into a Pickle, Create some Trickle

Another way to defeat Iceman is to permit your pipe to trickle a little water in the winter time because the continuous movement in your pipes will help prevent freezing. In fact, according to the city of Birmingham, residents can be fined by the city for failing to prevent pipe freeze by allowing a small trickle of water to run thus wasting the city’s time by having to call someone out to unthaw the pipes. Some homeowners are hesitant to do this because they fear a hefty water bill or they are concerned it can create water damage. In reality running a small trickle of water will cost you a dollar or two all winter long. As for water damage concerns make sure the trickle runs away from the home’s foundation—otherwise you could develop a fungus infestation and require mold removal services to rid your house of the black spores that are drawn to moisture.

What if the Iceman has Struck?

If the Iceman has already struck your pipes and you go to turn on a faucet but no water comes out, don’t take heroic actions on your own. Call a licensed water damage and plumbing expert by contacting your local water damage New Jersey company and turn off the main water valve while leaving the faucets open. Don’t try thawing the pipes on your own, as all too often homeowners will take hairdryers and attempt to melt the ice but wind up causing a spark that can electrocute people. Using an open flame to thaw pipes is also dangerous and should never be attempted. Most reputable water damage companies offer free inspections and charge affordable prices for something as simply as thawing pipes, so don’t run the risk of damaging your home; call the pros. The X-Men’s Iceman may be a powerful mutant with the ability to freeze anything around him, but when it comes to Mother Nature a corrupted, menacing version of this mutant is not a superhero—it is a powerful destructive force that causes millions of dollars in damage to homes across the East Coast every winter and only a professional plumbing and restoration company can stop it!


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