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Fire Damage New Jersey: Fire Pit Safety

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on June 2, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair


Of all the disasters that can befall a home, fire damage is the most horrific and is responsible for more insurance claims than water damage and mold put together! Once the fire department has extinguished the flames, you will need to call a fire damage restoration company before the mixture of water from the fire hoses and charred sooty remnants can congeal and soak deeper into your construction materials. Though nothing is ever certain in life, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent fire damage. Fire pits are the centerpieces for outdoor family get-togethers, but they are also responsible for causing hundreds of home fires a year throughout the country. If you are thinking about installing a fire pit here are some tips from our fire damage New Jersey pros that can help you promote a safe environment.

Where Should I Place a Fire Pit?

Fire pits look great on the deck, but if safety is your main goal our fire damage New Jersey team instructs to place a fire pit in the yard at least 10 feet from the home or any flammable materials like a woodpile or a shed. Some models state in the owner’s manual that it is safe to keep them on decks, but again you will have a safer setup if your fire pit is on a level brink, stone or concrete surface surrounded by dirt pitch and not grass. It is just too easy for sparks to fly up, and before you know it you could be calling for a local water damage cleanup company to come extract the water left from the fire department hoses.

Starting Your Fire

According to ‘This Old House’, good fire safety tips involve knowing how to start a fire. They suggest using dry, seasonal wood that was cut about six months ago because it will keep sparks from flying. Also, make sure to use logs that are no longer than three-quarters of the pit’s circumference. This will help eliminate sparks and when you go to set your fire never use kerosene, lighter fluid or gas. These accelerants can cause the flames to jump out of control and cause a potential catastrophe.

Enjoying Your Burn Time

Smoke smells good, especially if you are burning certain types of wood. Kick back and enjoy the ambiance, but remember, fire always has the potential to be deadly. The top fire damage New Jersey companies say it would be wise to keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose or a bucket of water nearby in the event a freak accident occurs. Finally, be sure to put out the flames before you leave, and snuff out any burning embers. You can pile ash and debris over them depriving the embers of oxygen and they will go out quickly. Fire pits are fun and they remain one of the trademark symbols of family life—just make sure you follow all the safety measures out there and you will enjoy many good burn times for years to come!

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