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Water Damage New Jersey: Achieving the Perfect Plumbing System Isn’t a Pipe Dream!

Published by 911 Restoration New Jersey on April 24, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Pipework: its intricate design serpentines through your home, feeding your appliances and faucets with life sustaining H2O. According to the top water damage New Jersey companies it, like the arteries that pump blood to your heart, should be pristine, free-flowing and that which evokes an unfathomable feeling of homeowner pride. You have surely seen those car enthusiasts at the auto show lifting the hood to their pride and joy while showing off their flawless engine. If you care about aesthetics your pipes should be just as clean and visually stimulating as they are efficient at performing the purposes they were designed for. Having a perfect plumbing system that gleams with the same brilliance as seen shimmering from atop St. Peter’s dome, is not just a pipe dream. Ask any local water damage company with a long-standing reputation in New Jersey, and they can give you some pointers on acquiring the perfect plumbing system for a new home build, or for the old system you plan on replacing.

What are the Best Plumbing Materials?

Some people like the look of shiny chrome or industrial metal, but when it comes to practicality, plastic is the way to go. Metal-based materials can easily rust and are more susceptible to cracking and leaking, while plastic is robust and can take a beating like a red-headed stepchild. A good plastic plumbing system should be able to last well over 200 years if the homeowner is responsible and enlists a yearly maintenance plan. However, if you are really detail-orientated and want the bones of your home to sparkle with originality, you can have them painted and detailed to highlight your favorite color or pattern. However, anyone who would take plumbing aesthetics this far likely has an “issue” and may need some direction in life.

Let Your Water Flow Pure

In order to have healthy heart function, you should get regular exercise and eat foods low in bad cholesterol and high in good cholesterol. Let’s face it; eating burgers and fries every day will likely give you a heart attack in five years. Your plumbing pipes require clean water much the way your arteries rely on clean blood—otherwise blockage can form. For example, some homes have hard water due to local rock deposits and minerals found in the land near reservoirs and wells. This will lead to hard water and, eventually, these mineral deposits will build up inside the pipes and cause a blockage that can result in a pipe burst. You can buy an inexpensive water tester at any hardware store, and if hard water is detected simply add a water softener to your supply once every six months or as directed.

Sewage to be Proud of

Your sewage will never smell like an English lavender field, but so long as it doesn’t escape your plumbing you will never have to smell it. In order to ensure your sewage plumbing stays intact, make sure you never flush inappropriate items down the toilet like diapers, tampons or wet facial wipes. Also, never flush hot oil or grease down your toilet, otherwise an inevitable buildup will occur and you will be facing pipe blockage.

It’s not a Pipe Dream, It’s Your Dream!

You can have a healthy home free from pipe damage woes by performing the needed maintenance and caring for your water and appliances. Furthermore, by ensuring your pipes are leak-free you can help prevent a mold spore problem and the need for any future mold removal services. Just remember that your pipes are the foundation of your home’s good health. If you don’t abuse its bones, it won’t abuse you!


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