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Call Today! (201) 241-3113
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Water Damage Stafford Township, NJ

Water damage is a menacing force that can wreak havoc on your home. 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey and the water damage Stafford Township operatives respond to any residential or business floods. Our extractions are performed using three primary absolutes: (1) we get there in 45 minutes, (2) we use the best restoration techniques, and (3) we offer the finest customer service. Our water damage restoration services come with a great degree of passion for protecting this special community that we look upon so fondly. Stafford Township has always had the charm of “hometown USA” and even in the early 2000s when it started getting many of the “big box stores” along Route 72, the influx of big business never changed the comfortable, small town ambiance that locals and visitors love about our community. When our water damage Stafford Township techs set out to address a washer burst, or a leaking roof caused by violent rain storms, we take pride in helping our neighbors. If you wonder how fast water damage can ruin hardwood floors call our 911 Restoration experts and let us attend to the disaster without delay!

How Fast Does Water Damage Hardwood Floors?

Depending on the type of hardwood floor you have, water can damage your flooring in less than 20 minutes. Our water damage Stafford Township experts are available 24/7 so we can speed over when we are truly needed. Engineered hardwoods are more susceptible to water damage than say your 2-inch thick boards. In some cases a good professional sanding can address your natural hardwoods if treated right away. We help after:

  • Washer burst
  • Ruptured hoses in your appliances
  • Pipe burst
  • Ceiling leaks from roof damage
  • Flooding caused by rain storms
  • Plumbing leaks

Our 911 Restoration crew members work very closely with Stafford Township and we take great pride in being able to respond quickly when water damage restoration services are needed. When you want professionals that use the best restoration techniques give us a call and let our experts restore your home to something better than ever!

What are the Water Damage Restoration Techniques used by the Pros?

All of the water damage restoration techniques used by our experts are backed by industry research, and the water damage Stafford Township pros use the best drying equipment to ensure all moisture is removed efficiently. Water removal relies on using industrial strength products when gray or black water is involved though it must be manufactured in a way so not to damage your floors or walls. Call us!

What is the Best Water Restoration Company?

911 Restoration of Central New Jersey goes above and beyond when the water damage Stafford Township technicians are on the job! We have been working with all insurance companies since day one, and with winter storms causing over 25 million dollars in damage (according to research compiled by the Insurance Information Institute) we will help you file your water damage claim so it will get done correctly! Either way, we believe no family should be forced to live in unsafe conditions. All of our water damage restoration technicians are licensed, insured and bonded to address any disaster whether your sump pumps failed and your crawl space flooded, or clogged gutters caused pooling water on your roof to seep indoors. Give our water damage Stafford Township professionals a call today and let us restore the home to a better suited environment for your family to enjoy for years to come!

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