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Water Damage Boonton, NJ

Nobody wants to come home to a water damage scenario, but often even the most cautious homeowner will fall prey to wear and tear in plumbing, or their home will suffer the brunt of bad weather. 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey and our water damage Boonton, NJ team has over 35 years of experience providing a variety of restoration services to houses and businesses throughout the region. We feel honored to work in this historic community that was formed in 1829 during the construction of the Morris Canal. Boonton is now home to a number of industrial plants that produce goods such as iron, rubber and silk. Our water damage Boonton, NJ company has made it a mission in life to protect this working-class community by offering the best water damage restoration services and  providing emergency water extractions to all homes and businesses in need. We are available 24/7 and respond within 45 minutes of every call. If you experience a pipe burst or back to back storms cause your crawl space to flood requiring immediate water damage restoration, call us today for a free inspection!

How can I Prevent a Pipe Burst?

Our water damage Boonton, NJ team says that you can prevent a pipe burst by performing an inspection and by treating your plumbing with care. Prevention is the first step towards mitigating emergencies like a pipe burst. Be aware of the condition of your current plumbing system. Older systems made from cast iron or clay will be more likely to develop leaks because these products breakup in time. Inspect any exposed sections of water line for signs of water leaks. Even if the leak is very small, it could easily burst and flood the crawl space or basement in the future. Also ensure that your sump pumps are in working order. Install a battery backup in case power is lost.

Major water leaks can still occur in spite of the best efforts to prevent them. A catastrophe such as a washer burst or a toilet overflow is hard to foresee. When this happens, the foremost concern is shutting off the water flow. The plumbing fixtures in most houses have their own valves that can shut off the water. Otherwise, use the stopcock and shut off the water to the entire house. Also, turn off the breakers if there is a risk of water coming in contact with live electrical currents.

The next step is call our 911 Restoration Boonton, NJ team so we can come and begin pumping water away from your home. We are licensed, insured, and bonded and our water damage Boonton, NJ team is equipped with the latest drying technology to ensure no future toxic mold problems develop due to moisture trapped in your carpets and hardwoods.

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Boonton?

The best water damage company in Boonton is 911 Restoration because our water damage Boonton, NJ technicians rank number one in customer service and offer an exceptional class of service in water damage repairs. If you want a disaster restoration company that offers an affordable price and one that always puts the customer first while offering the best quality water clean up services, 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey is the best and has been ever since we first opened our doors in 1978. Our water damage Boonton, NJ specialists can fix water heater leaks, sewage backup problems that cause black water spills, toilet overflow, ruptured hoses and even fire sprinkler malfunctions in your office. Call us today!

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Water Damage Boonton


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911 Restoration crew was very professional and patient. Last time the crew came to my house to repair a broken pipe in my bathroom. They took the time to explain to me what needed to be repaired and how to prevent it from happening again. Thanks!

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