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Water Damage Berkeley Township

Water damage is a disaster that takes place when a hefty amount of water comes into contact with materials that are not water resistant, such as drywall and carpets, so our water damage New Jersey company uses the latest drying technology and our water damage Berkeley Township crew is IICRC certified to provide fast and thorough water removal.

911 Restoration of Central New Jersey is available 24/7 so that we can offer same day service to houses in the community when floods occur. We know that swift action is a must to combat leaks, so our water damage Berkeley Township professionals respond within 45 minutes.

Upon arrival, you will see that we value professionalism because we start pumping water out right away and take control of the situation with a free inspection that visually checks for mold. Call our water damage Berkeley Township team when you need water damage restoration services and we will put over 35 years of experience to work for you.

Who do I Call for Water Damage in Berkeley Township?

Call our water damage Berkeley Township operatives at (201) 241-3113 for the most comprehensive water extractions at an affordable price.

Water extractions need to be taken care of quickly to avoid further harm. If excess moisture lasts more than a day, mold spores will grow and it is possible your homeowner’s insurance policy will lapse. Mold presents significant health risks, from allergies to asthma. Many insurance policies deem a loss caused by negligence if water sits for more than 24 hours.

Call 911 Restoration Berkeley Township for water cleanup and we will file your insurance claim to get you the best chance at receiving coverage from your homeowner’s insurance company.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Cleanup?

Water cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance, and our water damage Berkeley Township staff recommends you keep up with preventative maintenance to ensure you get full coverage.

In order to protect your home, you can install a sewage back flow valve, which prevents returning water from contaminating your floors; insulate your plumbing to reduce the chance of a frozen pipe burst pumping gray water into your drywall; and clean your rain gutters or all leaves and debris so that roof leaks do not occur during storms.

Without these preventative measures in place, your insurance company is not obligated to provide funds for disasters that occurred as a result. Our water damage Berkeley Township technicians offer an affordable price to make sure you receive the help you need within your budget.

Call (201) 241-3113 and our water damage Berkeley Township company will be there within the hour, before your insurance policy lapse or mold growth occurs.

Does Water Damage Cause Mold Growth?

Water damage causes mold growth, so rely on our water damage Berkeley Township personnel to save your home when leaks occur.

Mold can spread at an alarming rate and will take over your ventilation system within a week of starting an  infestation. Once it reaches your HVAC it has access to your lungs. If you suspect mold spores in your home, call 911 Restoration Berkeley Township to remedy the issue.

The faster you contact our water damage Berkeley Township experts, the better off you and your home will be. The best way to avoid mold is to repair any leaks as soon as it is found and open your windows to introduce a steady airflow, but if all else fails, call us at (201) 241-3113.

How do I Repair Leaks?

Leave leak repair to the professionals because the returning water entering your property could be highly toxic, which is why our water damage Berkeley Township representatives wear full hazmat gear when working on sewage backup.

Keep yourself and your home safe with the aid of 911 Restoration. Berkeley Township is surrounded by three bodies of water: Toms River, which filters into Barnegat Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond that. When storms roll in off the ocean they can cause roof leaks or flood the Toms River, resulting in plumbing leaks.

No matter where the leaks start, call (201) 241-3113 for the best water damage Berkeley Township services and a fresh start.

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