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Sewage Backup Paramus

Sewage backup can cause damage to your home and has a high risk of contributing to health problems for your household. This is why 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey is available 24/7 so our sewage backup Paramus team can address your pipe burst and grey water spills anytime day or night. We love working in Paramus and our company feels a close bond with our community members. Paramus is home to one of the largest shopping destinations in the country, with five major indoor shopping centers. It also doesn’t have a sales tax on clothes and shoes—a factor for boasting an annual retail sales figure of over 5 billion dollars. Therefore many homeowners flock to this area for employment and with the population constantly growing we find ourselves offering more sewage backup and cleanup jobs than ever before!  If you have plumbing leaks or even if a ruptured hose sends grey water into your laundry room, call our sewage backup Paramus crew today!

How Dangerous is a Ruptured Hose?

A ruptured hose can cause flooding and water damage, and our water damage Paramus team members even warn that it can pose some health risks. Depending on what hose is damaged, the risk of problems change. There are three categories of flooded water that can damage your home. Clean water (category 1) includes uncontaminated water and rain water, and has a low risk of health problems. Grey water (category 2) has a medium threat of health problems. It is usually from dishwasher or washing machine hoses or a toilet overflow. Black water (category 3) has the highest risk of health problems and is typically sewage water. A ruptured hose will often be category 2, but if it stands it can quickly move into category 3. Regardless of the type of water, you should call our sewage backup Paramus company because we dispatch a certified water damage restoration team to perform water removal tactics and use the latest drying technology to restore your home. We are licensed, insured and bonded to even fix your plumbing leaks, and our pros will also teach you how to prevent sewage backup problems so call today!

How Can I Prevent Sewage Backup Problems?

One of the first things our sewage backup Paramus company will tell you is that install a sewage back flow valve will help prevent sewage backflow problems. You can also prevent black and grey water chaos by maintaining your plumbing fixtures. Plastic pipes are the strongest and have the least risk for a pipe burst, or problems due to tree roots. You should also refrain from pouring any grease or oils down the drain, as this can cause clogging in the system. Flushing items other than toilet paper and human waste can likewise contribute to clogs that lead to sewage backup. If you do experience a toilet overflow that floods your bathroom with dirty water, you should not try to clean it up yourself. Instead, call our sewage backup Paramus team so we can sanitize the area to reduce the risk of disease. If you read about 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey you will discover that we respond within 45 minutes of every call, so phone the best company and don’t delay!

What is the Best Sewage Cleanup Company?

The best sewage backup company is easily 911 Restoration, and we attribute this claim to our amazing sewage backup Paramus team members who work around the clock! We pride ourselves on offering an affordable price and working with all insurance companies is something we do so we can fight to get every cent of our client’s claims covered. We value professionalism so we also offer restoration services that include repairing leaks and restoring hardwoods and cabinets. Call us today for a free inspection!

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