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Pipe Burst Toms River

A pipe burst can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home and can leave you burdened with large repair bills. For over 35 years 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey has been at the forefront of pipe burst repair. We are working hard to ensure that the beautiful homes of Toms River, NJ are well protected from the devastating effects of pipe bursts. If your home has been damaged by a pipe burst, do not hesitate to contact our pipe burst Toms River team! We are a licensed, insured and bonded to perform the best and latest water damage restoration services and our expert clean up teams are on standby 24/7 with the latest drying technology.

What can Cause a Pipe Burst?

Our pipe burst Toms River company warns that harsh and freezing weather can cause a pipe burst. In some cases heavy rain storms can cause drain pipes to burst and lead to house floods. Winter weather is also capable of causing pipe bursts. Freezing pipes can burst anywhere in your home and can even lead to toilet overflows. Once a pipe bursts it can pump hundreds of gallons of water into your home leading to devastating water damage. If not dealt with in a timely and professional manner that water damage can decimate your home’s structural integrity and can even lead to the growth of toxic black mold. A pipe burst should not be taken lightly. Call our pipe burst Toms River team at the first sign of a pipe burst and we will be on site with the tools and experience required to ensure that your home does not fall victim to water damage.

What can I do to Reduce the Damaging Effects of a Pipe Burst?

You can reduce the damaging effects of a pipe burst by using sump pumps and by calling our pipe burst Toms River company to come out immediately. Sump pumps are designed to clear a room of standing water and some are even automatic so that when they sense water they will immediately begins pumping water away. Make sure that your home plumbing is equipped with a sewage back flow valve. The valve will prevent sewage from backing up and bursting the pipes. Check your plumbing for leaks as they could be a sign of a potential pipe burst. Remember that you never have to deal with a pipe burst alone. When you learn about 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey you will discover that we provide all the major restoration services are available 24/7.  Don’t let your home fall victim to a burst pipe; call us now and get the pipe burst Toms River experts on your side through our amazing same day service!

Who is the Best Pipe Burst Toms River Company?

Hands down, 911 Restoration is the best pipe burst Toms River company because we have over 35 years of experience and we always put the customer first in everything that we do. That is why we have maintained our mission to always offer an affordable price on all water extractions and restoration services we perform. Our customers know that they can trust our pipe burst Toms River experts to treat their home with the utmost respect and care while pumping water safely away from the home’s foundation. Our top of the line services are available 24/7 and our clean up teams respond within 45 minutes of all calls. Not only are we the most efficient pipe burst Toms River company around, we are also the most affordable! We offer free inspections and we will work with all insurance companies to ensure that our customers get the help they need fast without breaking the bank. Call us today and let us repair your pipe burst and perform advanced water cleanup in no time!


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