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Flooded Basement Mount Laurel


A flooded basement is a terrible thing to go through, as water damage can easily go from bad to worse in a matter of hours. 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey and our flooded basement Mount Laurel division has been providing community members premier flooded basement water damage restoration services for almost four decades. Mount Laurel, NJ is a special locale that resides as a border city to Philadelphia making it a popular spot for homeowners who commute into Philly for work.

With almost 18,000 households, Mount Laurel has a great need for a dependable flooded basement repair company. We meet those needs and more with our affordable price guarantee and because we respond within 45 minutes of every call. Our flooded basement Mount Laurel team is ready to help you today. Call now if you are experiencing a water emergency in your basement! Call us at 201-241-3113 and allow us to offer you a free visual inspection.


What is the Main Cause of Flooded Basements?

According to our flooded basement Mount Laurel crew the main cause of flooded basements is split between faulty plumbing and bad weather. Roof water is one of the main causes of flooded basements. If your gutters or downspouts are clogged with debris, you will have problems with leaking and drainage during floods and storms. Water can seep into your roof and make its way down to your basement over time. Plumbing problems are also widely responsible for flooding basements, but our flooded basement Mount Laurel team is ready to assist you with this issue.

If your pipes are original to home built in the early 1900s they are made of clay or cast iron and will likely fall apart. These materials have a life expectancy of 75-1900 years, and you can do the math! When clay pipes break up they can burst water all over your basement and flood it very quickly requiring immediate water extractions. Also, your sewer can back up and raw sewage can flow into your home. That is not only a messy clean up job, but a very dangerous health hazard. Just read about 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey and you will discover that we are capable of performing all restoration services required to remediate your basement. We are licensed, insured and bonded to perform even the trickiest jobs, so call our flooded basement Mount Laurel team today and let us fix these issues for you fast! Call us at 201-241-3113 and see how we can help.


How Can I Stop My Basement from Flooding?

Our flooded basement Mount Laurel professionals have many tips to help you stop your basement from flooding and using sump pumps is one of them. If you install sump pumps in your basement and crawl space they can begin pumping water away when flooding occurs. In addition to this preventative measure make sure you take care of the outside of your home. Clear all gutters and downspouts and make sure the water flowing off your roof drains properly away from the house.

Always make sure you’re checking your plumbing hoses and water lines when you can. Install a sewage back flow valve to keep all raw sewage out of your house. You can also prevent a toilet overflow by making sure only toilet paper is flushed down your pipes. If you have a plumbing disaster, definitely call our flooded basement Mount Laurel team right away and we will begin advanced water extractions and dry your carpets right away!


What Does 911 Restoration do to Restore Basements?

911 Restoration restores basements using the latest drying technology, and our flooded basement Mount Laurel team removes water to the highest standards. After we find the cause of the water damage we repair the water heater leak or pipe burst, perform water cleanup services, and dry the area before making any needed additional repairs. We always put our customers first, and our testimonials exemplify this. Customers love us because working with all insurance companies is one thing we do to make sure the best service is always given. We also offer the best water removal services, water extractions and restoration services at an affordable price. We’re available around the clock and offer a free inspection of your flooded basement. Call us today at 201-241-3113 and let us treat you like family!

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