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Flooded Basement Edison

A flooded basement is arguably the worse kind of water damage a home can experience. With the homes crawl space and foundation being susceptible to leaks, it is vital to address a flooded basement without delay.  911 Restoration of Central New Jersey has been performing expert water extractions from flooded basements since 1978. Our flooded basement Edison company truly cherishes our special community, and we fight hard to keep all local homes and businesses free from water damage. As the fifth most populated township in Central New Jersey, Edison residents need to know which company to turn to when they have a flooded basement problem. We have over 35 years of experience in performing the most technically advanced water damage restoration services in the state of Central New Jersey. Whether storms flooded your basement, or a pipe burst unleashed a foot of standing water, call our flooded basement Edison company right now for a free inspection!

What Causes a Basement to Flood?

Our flooded basement Edison technicians report that storms and faulty plumbing are the main culprits that cause a basement to flood. Working for the people of Central New Jersey for almost four decades, our flooded basement Edison team knows that basement floods can happen for many different reasons. You might have a fire sprinkler malfunction that can dump gallons of water all throughout your lower level or basement. It will also ruin your carpets. Storms and floods can create periods of heavy rain that cause major wear and tear on your roof. If roof water isn’t handled correctly, it can be the main cause of basement flooding. Gutters that are routinely clogged with sticks and leaves must be cleaned regularly or else rain water can run down the home and potentially enter the basement.  Plumbing and sewer problems also cause flooded basements. Once you experience a sewage backup where raw sewage spills out across your floor like the River Ganges, you’ll never hesitate again to call our flooded basement Edison team.. Call 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey if you need our techs to come over and begin pumping water out of your basement today before the damage gets worse!

How Can I Keep My Basement from Flooding?

Prevention is the best way to keep your basement from flooding, and our flooded basement pros are your best line of defense when it comes to advise and methodology.  Sump pumps help keep the groundwater from becoming an issue in your basement. They clear out all the excess water that can ruin your home’s lower level and cause insidious mold growth. You should also check all your plumbing to make sure no minor leaks will lead to water rushing through your home. Install a sewage back flow valve to keep out raw sewage. While you can’t always avoid a toilet overflow, you can put our flooded basement Edison crew on speed dial so that we can begin water extractions right away.

Standing water is dangerous – if you’ve ever heard the terms grey water or black water, you know it can’t mean anything good. Grey water contains lots of bacteria, but black water is even worse as it contains human excrement and urine. The last thing you want is a vile pool stinking up your home! Finally, working with all insurance companies is something 911 Restoration of Central New Jersey has done since day one because we value professionalism and strive to make your claim as carefree as possible. Call our flooded basement Edison company immediately to come and fix your water problems.

Why Should I call 911 Restoration?

You should call 911 Restoration because our flooded basement Edison team ranks first in customer service. Go ahead and check out our testimonials as they attest that we always put the customer first and we offer an exceptional quality class of service. We even use the latest drying technology to make sure that we safely perform water extractions and water removal and leave your basement clean and dry. We hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism and therefore offer an affordable price that is unmatched in our industry. Do not let a flooded basement be the ultimate destruction to your home; call our flooded basement Edison team for immediate help today!

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